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Our Services

Tax & Accounting

The Practice provides a fiscal, accounting and labour relations consultancy service for professionals, the self-employed and medium and small businesses, with an emphasis on giving advice to foreign citizens, whether they are residents or not, before the Spanish Civil Service by providing a service for the presentation and payment of Wealth and Income Tax returns, the reimbursement of retentions made upon the sale of property

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Inheritance and Wills

Arranging a will and inheritance for your estate in Spain is always critical. This said, it’s understandable why many people fail to make proper arrangements when it comes to the arranging their will and inheritance.

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Property Law

We can help with all your property legal requirements, such as:
- Conveyancing
- Construction permits
- Tax payments
- Title deeds
- Private contracting
- Renting your property

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Legal Advice

We provide a wide variety of legal, accounting, fiscal and labour relation services including but not limited to:
- General Contracting
- Family Law
- Evictions
- Traffic Matters
- Monetary Claims

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Property Conveyancing

Buying Property in Spain Made Easy - PALS assists you in making the correct move - Property Conveyancing Services

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